Review: Sunday Riley C.E.O. C + E antiOXIDANT Protect + Repair Moisturizer

Sunday Riley C.E.O. C + E antiOXIDANT Protect + Repair Moisturizer

Price: $65

What the brand says: “A rich and luscious moisturizer that delivers fast-absorbing hydration, while protecting and repairing the visible effects of aging and pollution exposure with high-potency, advanced vitamin C.”—

Packaging: Pretty and sturdy, bright orange jar with a white cap. It’s vanity worthy.

Highlights: It’s creamy, hydrating, and has a pleasant citrus scent. It absorbs quickly and a little goes a long way. A dime-size to nickel-size amount provides the right amount of moisturization and spreads evenly across my face. My face looks instantly brighten and it works well as a base for makeup. It works well with Sunday Riley Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment (one of my faves!). Together, the brightening effect is intensified. It contains lots of antioxidants which helps fight the effects of pollution and the environment on your skin.

 Concerns: It’s pricey at $65. And it has a short shelf life: Once it’s opened, it expires after 3 months. It also has some denatured alcohol in it, although it’s from the botanical extracts contained in the ingredients according to the product packaging. Despite the alcohol, it’s hydrating, which leads me to believe the alcohol helps the product to absorb better into the skin. It comes in jar packaging, which means the formula is jeopardized by being exposed to air every time you open it. The fragrance may annoy users who are sensitive to smells or don’t like fragrance in their skincare. Generally, I don’t like fragrance in my skincare because it doesn’t add to the effectiveness of the ingredients and poses irritation risks to skin. Including fragrance is strictly cosmetic: It either covers up unpleasant chemical smells and/or creates an enjoyable experience when using the product. But do you really need your face to smell good? I don’t.

Would I repurchase? Honestly, no. I have a hard time justifying purchasing a product every 3 months for $65. That’s too far outside of what I want to budget for skincare. Because let’s be real: I don’t want to continue using a product after it’s shelf life has expired if I’m not reaping the benefits of it because the ingredients are no longer effective. That’s a waste of money and I’m a Capricorn—it’s in our DNA not to waste money. But I do like the brightening affect of the product, which is magnified when used with Sunday Riley’s Good Genes treatment. However, I’m back on the hunt for something more affordable and/or with a longer shelf life and more stable packaging.


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