Review: COVERGIRL Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner

My favorite trick for eyeliner is tight lining. It makes your lash line seem thicker, but in a more natural way. It’s one of my favorite beauty techniques. I also like to take my eyeliner and smudge it along the upper lash line for a subtle smoky look. That said, it’s important for me to have an eyeliner that can stand up against my oily skin and won’t run.

I excitedly couldn’t wait to put COVERGIRL’S Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner to the test after I received it complimentary for testing.

So after testing this product for about 2 weeks, does COVERGIRL’S Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner do the trick?

Um, it’s OK.

Pros: It’s smooth and creamy, which makes it great for blending. It’s a twist-up, which means no sharpening (yes!) and it has a smudge tip applicator on the other end of the packaging so you can skip the cotton swabs and smudge brush. It comes in 7 colors. I have Black Onyx 200, which is super black and pairs well with black mascara for a pigmented lash line. Here, it’s paired with COVERGIRL Super Sizer Fibers Mascara, which I’ve also reviewed. The before picture is first, followed by the after picture. I tightlined my eyes, and as you can see it really intensifies the lash line.

Cons: While very blendable, it has a hard time staying put, kind of like a rambunctious puppy or tenacious toddler. It just wants to run around and instead of being obedient and staying where I placed it. You naughty, eyeliner.

Overall: Perhaps, it’s not the best for tight lining (a gel liner would probably be ideal), but I think it works well for smudging.If you want a dark, smoky eye, you’ll get it with this eyeliner. Definitely consider using primer so things stay put and the smokey eye doesn’t go from sultry to bruised-looking.

*I received these products complimentary for testing purposes. This is my honest opinion, which is what you’ll always get at ErinWrites. 


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