What side are you on?


Even though I’ve worked as a reporter and covered local government and politics, I still find that politics are tricky—and boring. It’s not always easy to understand what’s going on, why you should care, and how it affects you personally. It can be like tackling a complex algebra problem—overwhelming and mind numbing. And trying to convey an intelligible message to an audience about political issues is even tougher. (I swear I still have night terrors about meeting with the county manager to discuss the budget.)

That’s what makes iSideWith.com, a website that provides tools to engage audiences about politics, so cool. As an editor in content marketing, I’ve developed an eye for engaging content, and this site nails it on engagement. It has a nifty little quiz that helps you figure out what issues matter to you and who you side with politically.

It was created by Taylor Peck and Nick Boutelier, two friends who like finding new ways to boost voter engagement and education. Another cool thing: iSideWith is not affiliated with any investors, shareholders, political party or interest group, so it’s truly designed to help you become an informed voter.

The quiz results are presented in lists and graphs, and gives you the ability to share your results on social media (should you bravely dare to). It’s makes figuring your way through politics a little more fun and thought provoking.

Here are my tips for using it:

  1. Don’t just select yes or no, if that doesn’t accurately reflect your view. Take a look at “other stances.” A lot of issues aren’t black and white, and this option provides more elaborated views.
  2. Click on “Learn More” if you’re not sure about the policy or issue you’re being asked about.
  3. Explore and research the candidates in your results.
  4. Share it! Help your friends and loved ones become educated voters.





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