Be the Sunshine!

Please excuse my hiatus. I’ve been so busy with work, and well, life, that I haven’t had time to sit down and process my thoughts into a meaningful string of sentences for your reading pleasure.

But I’m (happily!) back!

At the start of June, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Beautiful Life Conference at Westover Church by Angela Thomas. It’s a two-day extravaganza for women (a few fellows were there) that is intended for women to fellowship, worship, and learn more about God. It was truly a spiritual awakening, one that I was extremely glad to be a part of.

During the conference, Angela shared a story about she embarrassed her teenage son during a soccer game. She noticed his sportsmanship was lacking during the game because his team was losing, and she wanted him to snap out of it. Out of frustrating and an attempt to be encouraging, she yelled, “Be the sunshine!”

Needless to say, he was embarrassed. But out of the moment, she birthed an inspirational saying that she would preach and that would inspire others. It certainly inspired me.

“Be the sunshine.” So what does it mean?  Outside of being an awkwardly, unusual thing to shout to a teenage boy in front of crowd of people—it means be positive despite your circumstances, be the light in the dark, be the sunshine in the storm.

So you’re in a situation, where no one is kind to you? Be kind to yourself. So you’re in an unfriendly office environment? Take the first step, and speak to others.

Be the thing you want from others or you want from your circumstances. Be thesunshine to me, means be the joy you want in life, regardless of the negativity your experiencing.

There’s very little we have control over in this world—others, our circumstances, and our misfortunates—but we do have control over our attitudes and how we approach and get through situations.

Sometimes it’s really tough to be the sunshine. Sometimes you think it feels a lot better to be the tornado that rips everything to shreds in mere seconds because it momentarily feels good. But then afterwards all you have is the destruction you left behind, and an unsightly mess you have to clean up. All the people you hurt, the opportunities you missed, and blessings you let slip away because you decided to be the tornado, hurricane, the earthquake or whatever else instead of the sunshine.

Be the sunshine reminds a lot of a popular quote based on some of Gandhi’s teachings: Be the change you wish to  see in others. What change do you want to see? How do you want others to behave? How do you want others to be treated? Be the sunshine and lead the way. Others will follow because everyone loves a little sunshine.



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