Adopt an attitude of forgiveness.

Have you ever thought or felt like you forgave someone, and then when you encountered that person again, and you felt the reemergence of pain and anger? It’s almost like you never forgave him or her. You may even feel that you’re reliving the painful experience that caused you to be hurt. How do you overcome?

There’s a remedy: Forgive that person again. And again. And again.

It’s not easy. But it’s how we move on and keep ourselves from being buried in anger and resentment. Adopting a merciful and forgiving attitude can give you the breakthrough you need.

On my spiritual journey, I’ve realized that forgiveness isn’t always a one-time deal. Sometimes we have to forgive multiple times. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that we’ve already forgiven.

We even have to remind ourselves what forgiveness actually is. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean reliving the pain or disappointment over and over again. Forgiveness means you stop feeling angry or resentful toward someone for an offense, flaw, or a mistake. That’s the exact definition (Thank you

Yes, I had to look up the definition because I recently needed to remind myself what forgiveness actually is. How often do we say we forgive someone and don’t really mean it or we aren’t actually forgiving?

  • Are you giving up resentment?
  • Are you granting yourself relief from insult?
  • Are you ceasing to feel offended?

Set your mind and keep it set. When we refuse to forgive we are setting ourselves up to live in pain and anger, repeatedly.

So today, set your mind on forgiveness and press forward to your breakthrough!

“Dear Lord, help me to understand, give, accept and receive forgiveness in my life. Help me to adopt a forgiving attitude and to forgive over and over again as you’ve forgiven me so many times.”


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