Where do your thoughts lead you?

Thoughts lead to the direction of our lives.

The other day I was on my way to the store, but I had something else on my mind. I was thinking about some other place that I had visited earlier in the week that was nearby. And the next thing I know I end up in the direction of that place–and not at the store.

Sometimes when we think of something so much, we ended up in that direction. Our thoughts leads us to places–sometimes places we don’t want to go.

I didn’t want to go where I was thinking about. I just was thinking about it so much, I led myself there. This is why thoughts are so powerful. If you constantly think about negative things–you’ll end up in a negative place. And the opposite holds true, too.

Sometimes it’s hard to change our thoughts because our situation remains the same. It’s hard for people to come out of negative thinking because while you want to be happy, your situation isn’t happy. Perhaps you’re battling insecurity and you want to feel more cofident. You have a target amount of weight to lose, but you haven’t met your goal yet. Instead of thinking positively, you continue to feel poorly about yourself because you’re not where you want to be physically.

Here’s what God wants us to know: We don’t need to be where we want to be before we start thinking like we’re already there.

Don’t wait to feel confident before you act confident. Don’t wait to feel brave before you take a leap of faith. Live the way you want to live before you feel the way you want to feel. Don’t worry, eventually your feelings will catch up with how you act.

The more we act the way we want our lives and situations to be, the more we’ll see positivity and the things we want manifest  in our lives.

Be blessed and encouraged!

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