Gucci Guilty

The power of fragrance to influence the human psyche and emotions has a long, rich history. People have long studied how certain scents reminds of people, places, things or events. That’s because our scent receptors are linked to the emotional center of the brain. When I smell bacon sizzling or eggs frying in early in the morning, it makes me think of my late grandmother and that summer I spent at her home when I was younger. It makes me miss her, but also makes me smile. She was an amazing cook. Or when I smell the inside of a new car or book, I get happy. It’s something about that “scent of new” that makes me kind of joyful.

The “science of smell” has been around for a while, and it’s really intriguing. Scents can have a strange affect on us. They can make us happy, hungry, reminiscent, imaginative, confident and so much more. Like an outfit or a a hairstyle, fragrances tell the world something about you. I never had a connection to a perfume until I smelled Gucci Guilty, and I think I found my signature scent. It makes me feel empowered, sexy, and happy–much better than the scent of new book.

At first glance, Gucci Guilty struck me as a men’s cologne. It has nothing to do with the alluring fragrance that embodies femininity, authority, and sexiness. Nope. It was the stunning bottle fused with glass and metal that featured interlocking “G” characters. I’m so use to women’s fragrance being encased in glass flowers and butterflies that I almost missed Guilty. But it was something about that scent. That burst of citrus, that dangerous hint of black pepper and that gentle foundation of fruity and floral notes like mandarin, pink pepper, peach and lilac captivated me. When I sprayed it on, I felt empowered, sexy, beautiful, a little … dangerous. I never experienced a fragrance that, well, moved me. Guilty spoke to me. It actually makes me feel different about myself when I wear it, like wearing the perfect-fitting dress or killer shoes. It tells a story about myself that I want others to hear … I’m daring, rich, sexy, and maybe, I feel a little guilty, but feeling guilty, never felt better.

Notes: Mandarin, Pink Pepper, Peach, Lilac, Geranium, Amber, Patchouli.

Price: $75

Pros: You feel and smell sexy.

Cons: Price, you might feel guilty. But who knew guilt smelled this good?


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