Laura Mercier Product Review: Faux Lash mascara

Naked lashes without mascara applied.

I love mascara. It’s one of the easiest ways to enhance your eyes and bring life to your face. I

Laura Mercier Faux Lash mascara

have several kinds of mascara–Maybelline, Covergirl, Dior, Estee Lauder, Loreal, etc. So, when I received a postcard in the mail from Belk to stop by the Laura Mercier counter to try their new Faux Lash mascara, I was kind of intrigued. But I wasn’t really interested in the mascara. I was interested in the free deluxe sample of the Tone Perfecting Eye Gel Creme (I’m also an eye cream junkie, more on that later).

I mean, I have handfuls of mascara. I thought I would just stop by the counter, let them swipe some mascara on my eyes and then get my free eye gel (score!). But the sales associate was so kind, I ended up buying the mascara. I thought for sure I’d probably return it because $24 for mascara is steep for my budget.

But this mascara turned out to be AMAZING. Laura Mercier claims that this new mascara is created specifically to give eyes the look of false lashes by providing extreme volume and length. I think it delivers.

Lashes with lengthening side of Laura Mercier Faux Lash mascara applied.

The .36oz tube contains a over sized brush with long bristles that are thick one side, and skinnier on the other. This is where the true power of the mascara comes in. I was once told that it’s not so much the formula of the mascara that’s important, but rather the shape of the brush. This is true here.

The skinnier side of the brush lengthens and separates the lashes and the thicker, shorter bristles thicken lashes and add intense volume. The dual-sided brush gives me control over how “false” I want my lashes to look. This mascara is buildable and that’s what makes it really appealing. If you want to just use the skinny,comb-like side for a lengthening look, you can or if you just want volume, you can just use the shorter bristles. But do both, and it’s va-va voom. It also doesn’t smear or clump. That’s key for me. With my oily skin, I find that when my lashes touch my eyelids, my face oils melt the product on my face (yuck!) I haven’t run into yet with this product. It seems to have really great staying power, even more so if use a lash primer.

Laura Mercier Faux Lash mascara applied with both sides of brush.


  • Dual-sided brush that allows you to control length and thickness of lashes.
  • Healthy-sized tube.


  • Price of $24. This is definitely a spurge. You can probably use two different drugstore mascaras to get the effect of this one product.
  • Like most mascaras, the product goops on the end of the wand. So, you’ll have to wipe it with a tissue to get rid of the excess product.

Buy again?

  • Sure, if I have the extra change. I really, really liked this product, but I wish it was less expensive.

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